Who We Are

The Master’s Fellowship consists of Christian brothers who are pastors, leaders, and missionaries bound together by love for The Master, our Lord Jesus Christ, The Church for which He died, and the bold proclamation of the written and living Word of God.

Our Mission

The mission of The Master’s Fellowship is to strengthen and support ministry leaders around the world, by promoting fellowship, leadership, and partnership through local regions that lead to global impact.

Our Vision

The Vision of The Master's Fellowship is that like-minded leaders of local churches and ministries around the world, who share core biblical convictions of doctrine and practice, would connect, fellowship, and network with one another to advance the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. 

8 Core Commitments

I. The Preeminence of Christ 
II. The Preaching of His Word 
III. The Purity of His Gospel 
IV. The Priority of His Church 
V. The Pursuit of Pastoral Faithfulness 
VI. The Practice of Biblical Ministry 
VII. The Progressive Sanctification of Believers 
VIII. The Preparation of Future Leaders