TMF Regional Leadership

The Regional Leadership of TMF is a strategic team of local leaders who have a supreme love for the Master and a committed love to each other. They serve as the point persons for TMF in a particular region or country. The Regional Leadership consists of 1) Regional Leaders and 2) Regional Council Members. 

TMF Regional Leaders are senior ministry partners who oversee a particular region or country. They are the primary cultivators and practitioners of the TMF core values: Brotherhood, Fellowship, Learning, Leadership, Impact, and Partnership. They proactively influence and oversee their region to advance TMF priorities so that all members connect and network in intentional ways. The Regional Leaders focus on the big picture and vision of TMF by connecting local groups to the global church of Christ, by strategizing how to create higher-level partnerships and collective effort amongst groups, and by investing in and supporting the ministry of the members of TMF in their region.

TMF Regional Council Members are local ministry partners who support the work and ministry of TMF under the guidance and leadership of the Regional Leaders. The Regional Council consists of a mix of senior and next-generation influencers who are the key doers in a specific area. They help cultivate TMF priorities by organizing and leading TMF gatherings. Regional Council members encourage, support, administrate, partner, and strategically plan so that all TMF members in a general locality have a place to belong, connect, and network with like-minded brothers and ministry leaders.  

The Master’s Fellowship and its Regional Leadership (Regional Leaders and Regional Council Members) exist for the purpose of advancing the maturity and health of the global church by building brotherhood and fostering fellowship between ministry leaders who are bonded by their common affections and increasingly uncommon convictions. That goal is accomplished in regions primarily through 1) Intentional Pastoral Care and Support and 2) Strategic Planning and Oversight.

1. Pastoral Care and Support

  • Taking measures to create and nurture a safe and transparent brotherhood for like-minded leaders, where members are known and cared for. 
  • Facilitating meetings for fellowship and accountability.
  • Encouraging spiritual growth through ministry-related discussions, corporate prayer, resource recommendation, biblical discipleship and counseling, etc.  
  • Fostering an “iron-sharpening-iron” mentality where TMF members humbly give and receive.
  • Assisting in any necessary conflict resolution within a region and working with the TMF home office on any potential situation involving dissociation.  

2. Strategic Planning and Oversight

  • Creatively planning regular TMF member meetings. TMF suggests a minimum of 3-6 local gatherings per year.
  • Reaching out, connecting, following up, and encouraging TMF members in the region. 
  • Helping promote and support collaborative ministry efforts, as well as assistance with ministry changes and challenges.
  • Strengthening the connection between TMF members and like-minded training institutions, churches, and ministry partners.
  • Encouraging global connection for specific ministry needs, cultural networks, language-specific ministry endeavors, as well as supporting mission efforts.
  • Being the point person in the region for questions related to TMF global.
  • Overseeing and updating TMF membership in a particular area. 
  • Attending the TMF leadership meetings at the annual conferences to be encouraged by the TMF leadership and to be part of the strategic planning of TMF.

3. Support from the Home Office

  • Receive an up-to-date members list of the region to know who to connect with.
  • Receive practical help for local meetings from the home office leadership, other regional leaders, or strategic TMF partners.
  • Take part in Regional Leadership meetings with TMF leadership to receive guidance, encouragement, news from the TMF world, and relevant organizational updates. 
  • Take part in strategic meetings at the annual conferences of TMF (Shepherd’s, G3).
  • Website promotion and access to pastoral resources.
  • Access to other planning tools from TMF.